Making Your Slot Empty

Casino gambling is very popular right now and getting more so every day. In my area, for instance, there’s a new casino with an upscale hotel and two restaurants. Even though the rooms cost more than the best chain hotel in town, there are rarely any vacancies on weekends.

I went once, when they first opened and it was fun. I played a few machines, had an overpriced drink and sampled the buffet – which was very good and reasonably priced too. It was definitely better than the hot dogs and weak coffee the local harness track serves. But I’ve never gone back, and probably won’t.

Why? Well, because I’m a dog player, not a gambler. I know that might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it’s true. If I just enjoyed gambling, I wouldn’t care what I was betting on. A true gambler will bet on two raindrops rolling down a windowpane if he can get someone to take his bet. pussy888

Me, I handicap the dogs to make money from it. I prefer to call it “selective investment” rather than gambling. What I do is the same thing that investors do when they put their money in stocks that they think are going to pay off because the company does well.

I put my money on bets that I think are going to pay off because the dogs on the tickets are going to do well. Like the investor who makes money on the market, I’m right often enough to make a profit. My dogs come in more often than they fail to come in.

Now, maybe there’s someone out there who can tell me how to do the same thing with slots, but I haven’t met them yet. I know there are mathematical formulas and books that claim to tell you how to “work the system” and get the slots to pay off. I think they’re bunk.

As far as I can tell, the only skill needed to win at the slots is bladder control and an unending supply of money. Give me a race with 8 dogs in it and I can handicap it. Give me a machine with a computer for a brain and I don’t have a chance of using skill to beat it.

Nope, maybe I’ll stop by for the food once in awhile, but when it comes to making money, I’ll stick with my tried and true greyhound handicapping methods and go to the dog track as often as I can. I recommend that you find a good handicapping method and do the same thing.